Celebrating Diversity and Self-Expression Through Fashion Events in South Carolina

Greenville Fashion Week (GFW) is an exclusive event in South Carolina that brings together a mix of people and styles to celebrate the diversity of fashion. Local boutiques, designers, and models come together to form lasting connections, support each other, and encourage self-expression. GFW also partners with non-profit organizations and local businesses to create a strong community. I had the opportunity to compete in the Greenville Fashion Week top model contest for four years, and it was an incredible experience when I heard my name as the winner and took my first walk on the runway. The Columbia International Festival is another great event that showcases music, culture, food, and performing arts from the diverse cultures of South Carolina.

Every spring, fashion weeks are celebrated in New York, Milan, Paris, and London. This year, models have been wearing bright colors, structured silhouettes, fantastic outfits, and eye-catching garments. As a Greenville fashion incubator, GFW has made great strides and plans to continue with sewing workshops, partnerships with schools to develop fashion programs, and educational styling sessions. Greenville Fashion Week will also kick off In the Stars, a charity show that benefits Safe Harbor - a local non-profit organization that provides services to survivors of domestic violence and their children. This will be the first of its kind at Greenville Fashion Week and will feature haute couture, food and wine pairings by chef Nico Abello of Table 301, and a fireworks show. The fashion events in South Carolina are unique opportunities for people to express themselves through their style.

They provide a platform for local boutiques, designers, models, and non-profit organizations to come together and create lasting connections. GFW has made great strides in developing fashion programs in schools and providing educational styling sessions. In addition to this, they are also hosting their first charity show - In the Stars - which will benefit Safe Harbor. These events are sure to be memorable experiences for all involved.

Grady Kemper
Grady Kemper

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